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Last year, Gaia Energy was recommended to us from another Methodist Church in our Circuit and proved to be a terrific help. The comparative information which Gaia Energy was able to provide, clearly and quickly, was crucial in demonstrating to our Church Trustees how we could reduce our energy costs by a noticeable amount. Then Gaia Energy was on hand to bring about the supplier transfer in a smooth, efficient manner. February 2018

Mike Sharpe Church Treasurer

Castle Street Methodist Church


Gaia Energy takes the worry out of remembering contract dates and negotiating prices. We have recently renewed our contract and can feel secure that we are on one of the best tariffs. Feb 2018

Bob Astill Property steward

Parkway Methodist Church, Bristol


Gaia Energy takes the worry out of remembering contract dates and negotiating prices. February 2018

Tim Clark Church Treasurer

Trinity Baptist Church


We have used Gaia Energy for the past 10 years and they have made a complicated process simple and easy. We have saved money by using this straightforward system. February 2018

Richard Dyster Church Treasurer

Trinity Church Knebworth (Methodist and United Reformed)


Gaia Energy has helped our church find good value energy contracts for over 10 years, saving us money and making my life much simpler. 19/02/2018

Ian Sargeant Church Treasurer

Farnham Methodist Church


We have used Gaia Energy for several years to help us get the best deals for the electricity supply at our church. We have found them to be very efficient and helpful. 19/02/2018

Rona Trowell Treasurer

Aysgarth Methodist Church


Thanks to the support, tenacity and perseverance of Gaia Energy we have been able to solve lengthy and ongoing difficulties with our energy contracts. 21/09/2016

Kate Pike Church Secretary

Sutton on Trent Methodist Church


Gaia Energy have looked after us for a number of years and have secured long term contracts for our church. They have given speedy service and removed all the hassle of researching the best deals in the minefield of energy supply. 16/05/2016

David Knee Premises Manager

Wokingham Methodist Church


Gaia Energy Brokers Limited has managed our gas and electricity contracts and helped us save money since 2005. We are very happy with their ongoing service and we appreciate their input which has been effective and dependable. 7 May 2014

Nick Lennard Company Secretary

Bridge Care Ltd


Gaia Energy has organised the transfer of our utilities as necessary over several years now. We have been very happy with the outcomes as well as the ongoing service received. 21/05/2016

Marjorie Huddart Church Treasurer

Clitheroe United Reformed Church