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Independent energy brokers

We negotiate energy contracts on behalf of our clients, dealing with businesses throughout the UK. We deal with most major suppliers and as independent brokers we represent our client interests first. We specialise in bulk Energy Basket contracts for churches and charities and promote renewable energy

Gaia Energy Basket Scheme

Gaia Energy runs a scheme allowing churches, charities and commercial sites to be included in a large ‘basket’ of Gas and Electricity contracts which all end on the same date. You can register your interest and we can make contact with you at the appropriate time

Reduced costs

Participants have greatly increased buying power on renewal and access to special ‘broker channel’ prices from suppliers

Flexible options

You have the choice of your Contract End Date and the ability to opt for full Green energy, the Christian Aid ‘ARK Tariff’’ or ‘brown’ energy

More Choice

We offer access to nearly all energy suppliers rather than just one, as is the case with some other schemes.

We look at each case individually and find that the best deal for you

Ark Tariff

Gaia Energy has teamed up with Christian Aid to develop the ARK Tariff (Additional Renewable Kilowatt tariff) designed to help those in the developing world reduce CO2 emissions through new and existing renewable energy

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Send in your Telecom Bills. We can deal with all your needs from individual lines, mobiles and broadband; in short, everything.

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From April 2017, the water market will be deregulated for non-household meters. This means you will be able to choose your Water Supplier. We are now collecting data now, so please submit copy water bills, which we can also send to our partnered Water Auditing company to ensure you are not overpaying your current supplier.

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Buildings Insurance

We have developed strategic partnerships within the Insurance Brokerage business and are now able to source competitive Buildings Insurance for Churches, Charities, Commercial and domestic properties alike. We aim to:

  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Offer more choice
  • Connect you to a trusted Insurance Broker

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