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As of 1st April 2017, the water market will be deregulated for non-household meters. This means you will be able to choose your Water Supplier. We care collecting data now in readiness, so please feel free to submit copies of your water bills.

In the meantime, we have partnered with a Water Auditing company that will help you make sure you are not overpaying your supplier:

How confident are you that you’re not being overcharged for water?

If you are spending more than £1,000 per year on your water charges it’s likely that they can quickly identify any issues and ensure that your charges are as low as they can be.

Water billing is complex, and not knowing if you are on the correct tariff/band could result in you paying too much – for example, this process helped Aldi Supermarkets save in excess of £36,000 per annum and obtain refunds of over £100,000.

The no-obligation audit will identify any possible issues, but if there aren’t any you won’t get charged a penny. The fees are totally self-financed from any savings and refunds that are achieved for you.
You won’t need to do anything either, as the examination of your invoices, the surveying of your sites and any liaising with your water supplier to implement any changes and agree any refunds that you may be entitled to, is all done for you.

To start the process, simply respond with copies of your invoices (preferably the last 12 months), and you’ll get the results of the initial audit within a few days.

We aim to:

  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Obtain refunds
  • Increase your Profits
  • Protect the Environment

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