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We have been pleased to part of the Gaia Energy group for some years now which has provided a simple and convenient method of reducing our energy costs. March 2018

Ralph Chaplin Treasurer

St Andrews Methodist Church, Slough


If you don’t understand energy, Gaia Energy do and have helped us through a very complicated supplier failure! 24 Feb 2018

Rod Sinden Church Treasurer

St Leonards-on-Sea Methodist Church


Wrenthorpe Methodist Church has used Gaia Energy for its Electricity and Gas supplies for many years. They undoubtedly have saved us money and negotiated the contracts with minimal input from ourselves. I can unreservedly recommend them to any church. February 2018

Michael Roberts Church Treasurer

Wrenthorpe Methodist Church


Over the past 15 years Gaia Energy have been providing an excellent service in negotiating the best deals for us with our energy bills and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations. 22/02/2018

Brian Cudlip Church Treasurer

Roborough Methodist Church, Plymouth


Gaia Energy have been negotiating St Stephen’s Gas and Electric contracts for many years now and, as Treasurer, have taken away the pain of having to go through the process myself. We have been approached by other brokers in the past but Gaia have always managed to arrange the better quotes and have been easy to deal with. February 2018

Roland Humphries Treasurer

St Stephens Methodist Church, Crewe


Gaia energy has been most helpful in negotiating the best deal for us on our new contract, saving us money and being there when we need them. Feb 2018

Glynn Lister Treasurer

Coxlodge Methodist Church Newcastle upon Tyne


Cheaper energy bills for our church were evident immediately the new Gaia Energy-negotiated contract began. Plus, when I needed help dealing with fall-out from our former supplier’s billing practices, I got it from Gaia Energy. Feb 2018

Deborah Angel Honorary Secretary

St Thomas Methodist Church, Lampeter


Gaia Energy has helped us find the best price for energy in the market, and has taken the strain from us and provided a seamless transition for our energy contracts. February 2018

Philip Macauley Property Steward

Upper Tooting Methodist Church


We have used Gaia Energy for many years to our complete satisfaction. They have certainly saved us money, making renewal of contracts simple and easy and at lower prices than we could have obtained ourselves. In fact a few years ago a few months before the renewal date we received unsolicited quotes from the, at that time, current supplier. This was even though the old contract had been negotiated by Gaia. The quotes were much higher than those subsequently obtained through Gaia. Feb 2018

David Makin Church Treasurer

Farnworth Methodist Church, Widnes


We have now been using Gaia Energy for many years and have had nothing but excellent service and help. All my past worries and concerns have been taken from me and saved our Church money in the process. February 2018

Val Howlett Church Treasurer

Trinity Methodist Church, Lowestoft