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The Methodist Church

Gaia Energy has enjoyed a strong business relationship with the Methodist Church since 1999 when we arranged telecom services for Methodist Church House and initiated our first Methodist Church Group Energy Agreement. We brokered energy contracts for the Marylebone Road offices in London for ten years, and for Churches, Halls and Manses nationwide for much longer. We have a wealth of experience in the energy and church sectors.

We have been made aware, some time ago, of the Methodist Church bulk purchasing scheme. 

We feel strongly that when it comes to Gas and Electricity, Methodist Churches need to be aware of an existing Energy Basket which already includes a large number of Methodist Church properties, as well as URC, Baptist and Anglican Churches and has a number of additional advantages:

  • Long Term highly competitive Green energy contracts.
  • Access to all energy suppliers rather than just one.
  • Choice of existing Energy Basket schemes, which have been operating for some time. The end dates are currently 31/12/2020 and  31/12/2023.
  • Options of 100% Green as standard, in response to the Hope In God’s Future report, along with the Christian Aid ARK tariff . Standard (‘brown’) contracts available on request.
  •  Teamed with well trusted Solar, Telecoms, Water and Insurance companies to bring you bespoke solutions specifically with church usage in mind.
  •  The existing Gaia Energy Basket continues to grow, and as it does so, it brings further benefit to our customers.